Mount Dana
October 6, 2016
5.7 miles, +3,000’
A few days before our wedding at the Evergreen Lodge, Shannon and I set out for a hike of Mount Dana from Tuolumne Meadows. We were already up at the lodge, so it was a reasonably short drive to Tioga Pass.
Despite its relatively high elevation (13,057’), the hike up Mount Dana is not too difficult. It’s a bit less than 3 miles to the summit, though each of those miles climbs almost 1,000’. There’s a trail for a bit which fades into a relatively well-traveled use trail to the summit.
The view of Mount Dana from one of the small ponds near Tioga Pass.
The hike to the summit was relatively uneventful. We saw another group or two out, but it was mid-week in October, so it was generally quiet.
The view north from the summit.
The view south from the summit. Lyell and Maclure dominate the skyline, but Kuna Crest is visible as well.
A panorama shot of the Cathedral Range on the way down.