Freel Peak, Freels Sister, Jobs Peak, and Jobs Sister
October 31, 2020
11.6 miles, +4,100’
I was up in Tahoe for the halloween weekend and had Saturday to myself to go have some fun. So I made a plan to climb Freel Peak, a 10,886’ SPS-listed peak just south of Lake Tahoe and some other nearby summits. I decided to climb from the south, from the Armstrong Pass Trailhead as that was both the shortest and most straightforward access to the peak. SummitPost mentioned the road was rough, but I didn’t find it too bad in my SUV. Smaller cars, or those with 2WD might have a bit of trouble in places. The first quarter mile was the worst.
It was October and pretty cold in the morning, so I didn’t exactly rush to get out the door, hitting the trail at 11. The climb over Armstrong Pass was easy, all on trail, before joining the Tahoe Rim Trail towards Freel Peak.
Looking over Trimmer Peak and Peak 9841 at the Crystal Range.
Higher up, close to the summit of Freel Peak. There were lots of people out enjoying the beautiful halloween day. This is a popular hike, the eighth most popular of all the peaks on the SPS list.
Looking west from the summit of Freel Peak at Freels Sister, Jobs Sister, and Jobs Peak.
I dropped east of the summit of Freel Peak and headed to Freels Sister (right) and then Jobs Sister (left). The climb up to Jobs Sister was steep, but there was a good use trail to the summit.
The view of Jobs Peak from Jobs Sister. From Jobs Sister I dropped directly south down a very sandy slope to the saddle between Jobs Sister and Jobs Peak, then joined the trail and climbed to Jobs Peak.
The view of Freel Peak and Jobs Sister from Jobs Peak. There was a bunch of remote weather sensing stuff on Jobs Peak, but the rocky summit was free of garbage and was a nice place to enjoy a snack.
From Jobs Peak I made my way back down the trail to the car without incident, making for a fun traverse. I later learned that the linkup of Freel Peak, Jobs Sister, and Jobs Peak is commonly called the “Tahoe Triple.”