Lamont Peak
January 17, 2021
4.3 miles, +2,200’
It was the third day on the interlude of our drive from Las Vegas back to the Bay Area and after a successful ascent of Sawtooth Peak (S) two days prior and an unsuccessful Rockhouse Peak the day before (I prefer to think of it as a hike in the Domelands), we wanted an easy outing we could accomplish in a morning before driving all the way home. Lamont Peak fit the bill.
At 7,429’, Lamont Peak is the lowest of the 247 summits on the Sierra Peaks Section pea list, and it’s among the easiest as well. There are two easier summits (Smith Mountain and English Mountain), but the point that this isn’t a long outing still stands.
We set out from the Lamont Peak Trailhead along Chimney Peak Road at 9:30, heading directly up the shoulder of Lamont Peak.
The view of Lamont Peak through the trees. The trail hadn’t been maintained in a while, but we were still able to follow it without much difficulty until about 7,00’ where it traverses south of some lower summits west of Lamont Peak. Here, we lost the trail on one of the diversions around a fallen tree. Fortunately, the travel was quite easy and we relocated the trail where it drops to a saddle at 7,000’ immediately west of Lamont Peak.
After a short climb from the saddle, including a few fun class 3 moves, we were on the summit and had a great view in all directions.
View of the Domelands to the northwest.
Owens Peak to the south.
Spanish Needle to the east.
We didn’t have a great view north as the slightly higher north peak was in the way.
I signed the register, which was chained to one of the summit blocks, and looked through it a bit for fun, finding RJ Secor’s name a few times, and Tom Becht’s SPS-list finishing hike from 2016.
After enjoying a snack and the sun for a bit, we headed back down the way we came. There were some slippery sections near the very top, but eventually we got back on the trail and managed to follow it all the way back to the car. After a quick drink of water, we headed off south on Chimney Peak Road,headed home.