This guide is a collection of long hikes. The idea is that each of these should be difficult but attainable for a fit group in a day. However, many of these could be done as overnight hikes as well. While I try not to impose strict requirements, the routes on this list are mostly between 25 and 50 on-trail miles, or a bit less for cross country miles. They are almost all loops / point-to-point routes. Note that all mileage and elevation gain is measured by Caltopo which I have found to be about 5-10% short in practice, more for cross country.

The focus of this list is on the San Francisco Bay Area because that’s where I live. That means the bar for inclusion is lower the closer route is to the bay area. There are also no routes east of the Rocky Mountains. For all of these routes I’ve applied my subjective opinion, so your favorite 25 miles might not have made the cut. If you think I have any serious omissions, please let me know.

I’ve sorted these routes by geographic area, and within those groups by Caltopo-measured distance. For each route I will provide:

  • The route type (loop, lollipop, point-to-point, out-and-back) and a note if the route is cross country (off trail)

  • Distance and elevation gain

  • Trailheads

  • Driving distance to the trailheads from Oakland, California without traffic

  • Car shuttle distance, if point-to-point

  • Permit information (if applicable)

  • Options for modifications / extensions

  • A brief description

  • Photographs, if I have any

My main resources in compiling this list were:

Finally, I plan on continuing to update this list with new routes, additional information, and pictures, as I complete these routes.

So, without further ado, here are the lists:

San Francisco Bay Area

Big Sur